Discount Beer Albany, NY

Welcome to Albany Beverage.

Family owned business with
good old fashioned service since 1955.

We carry over 1,000 beers from all over the world and all local brands, in cans, bottles, kegs and growlers. We have micro-brews, non-alcoholic and gluten-free beers plus soda, ice tea and water. We also carry an extensive selection of cigar and tobacco products, and we sell lottery tickets.

If you would like to learn more about our beer shop or even more about the types of beer we serve, feel free to explore!

Discount Beer in Albany, NY

ICE COLD BEER, the coldest beer in town

A Large Selection of Beers - We have over 1,000 brands to choose from

Easy bottle redemption - They took your nickel. We'll give it back.

Friendly Carry Out Service to Your Car

Large Selection of Imported Cigars in our Cigar Humidor

A Big Winner from one of all the NYS Lottery games sold here. We are still looking for our first. It could be you.

A Large Selection of Cigarettes, sold at NYS minimum price

Gluten Free Beer Albany, NY

We Accept Can and Bottle Returns

Microbrew Beer Albany, NY

Can and bottle returns don't get any easier than here. We take all brands, even ones we don't carry and we'll count 'em for you.

Customer service means a lot to some businesses but to us, it’s everything; our way of life.

We enjoy providing you with the best in draft beer, kegs, bottles, cans & whatever you might want from our beer shop here in Albany, NY. 

Looking for something other than beer? We also sell non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, iced tea and water. 

                                            Albany Beverage Has a Wide Variety of Beer Growlers

Beer growlers are not a new thing. In fact, they are centuries old. Originally, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, fresh beer was carried from the pub to one's home by a pail. Not exactly the ideal way to carry beer, but the sloshing, rumbling sound that was created by the CO2 escaping through the lid of the pail led to the coining of the phrase "growler".

At Albany Beverage, in addition to stocking discount, gluten free, microbrew, and non-alcoholic beers and accept bottle returns, we also have several varieties of our beers available in beer growlers. 

Contact Us

Rt. 20 & Rt. 146 (3899 Carman Rd.), Guilderland, NY 12303

Ph: 518-355-4370

Business Hours:

Sa: 9-9

Su: 11-6

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